3 Creepypastas

Today I’m going to let these fictional stories do the talking. Here are three of the most unsettling and brilliant Creepypasta stories I’ve read. Perfect for a rainy evening under the covers.

Just in case you need a quick synopsis on Creepypasta and what it is, this link will help.

Cover art for Channel Zero

Incidentally this story is the basis of horror series Channel Zero and is brilliant. Well worth checking out if you’re into spooky shit.

Fan art via DeviantArt

Ted the Caver

Penpal novel by Dathan Auerbach


This is hands down one of the best stories (or series of stories) I’ve ever read. It was adapted into novel format which makes it even easier to read and enjoy.

If this has whet your appetite, then here’s a comprehensive list of Creepypastas to explore. Enjoy! šŸŽƒ

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