Why I love Halloween

It’s no bombshell that I’m a basic Autumn loving bitch. There’s just something about the fall in temperature, the smells in the air and everything pumpkin spiced that makes this my favourite time of year. Even though Starbucks’ PSL isn’t all that, I will pay through the nose for a Venti cup every time I pass and I will like it.

Halloween is even more special I suppose because it’s the Christmas day of spooky season and stands for everything I hold dear. While I’m pretty rubbish about dressing up I love the idea of being someone else for the night and for all the creepy things in this world to have their night of celebration. I think about the fact sometimes when I’m mainlining supernatural entertainment that I never question whether it’s real or not – for me ghosts and ghouls and cryptids are just part of this world and should be respected as such. How magical to think one night a year they’re free to wander freely on this plain?

Maybe it’s because I’m in the UK but our Halloween plans aren’t particularly grand year on year. All I really need is a choice of soft blanket and a decent snack. Obviously the film is important and so is the company. This year we’ll be at my brother’s new house hunkered down with the blinds drawn.

I’m also trying to complete the #31daysofhorror challenge which is basically just 31 Horrors with a theme each day. I’m firmly on track so far and have managed to get Glynn interested in our choices, so it’s been pretty fun to do this year. I’ll post the challenge list at the end of the month with my choices.

Anyway, I love Halloween, I love October, I love the rain and being cosy – and I love anything spooky. This is my time and I’m damn well going to sprinkle it with cinnamon and enjoy it.

How do you feel about Autumn/Halloween?


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