Horror in the High Desert review

It’s with sadness we kiss goodnight to our wonderful month of horror movies, safe in the knowledge we’ll no doubt watch at least one next month and then the month after that. Because you can’t keep a set of spooky bitches confined to just one holiday.

This week we spend time in the high desert searching for a missing person and ponder the eternal question: “Why are you going back, you bloody idiot?”

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She Will review

Jill and I are always partial to a witchy tale and have covered more than a few in our time. This week’s film is no exception, with very pleasing results, by way of not so pleasant subject matter, including sexual assault, ageing out of a chosen career and having to socialise against our will.

With that in mind, heavy TRIGGER WARNINGS for assault, which is implied rather than overtly explained, but it’s horrific nonetheless.

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Crystal Eyes review

We don’t half explore some bonkers movies on this blog. It’s the beauty of the collab honestly and although it doesn’t always hit the spot, it does lead to some interesting discussions/reviews.

This week’s pick is certainly on the odd side, taking us into the cold embrace of the fashion industry in the 1980s, by way of many, many classic Giallo tropes. Does it work? You know what to do.

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Positive Menty Attitude

I thought I’d be a bit more serious today, because why the fuck not? Sometimes you’ve got to admit things are less than good and take a moment to ponder the next step.Things haven’t been great for anyone over the last couple of years and it’s taken me longer than I thought it would to get back into life. I just haven’t been myself for a long time and I’m kind of done with it.

Work have an avenue you can explore which gives you eight sessions with a therapist and I start next week. I’m kind of terrified about what I’ll learn about myself but I’m ready to do the work. I had a couple of sessions with someone years and years ago but I think I’ve blocked most of that experience out of my mind. I think I’m probably mature enough now to articulate better so I hope it will be helpful and healthy.

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Horror books to snuggle up with

Horror books to snuggle up with

Four books you simply should pick up and enjoy this spooky season.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

We very recently reviewed the film adaptation of this novel which was fine, but I did really enjoy the book. It has strong YA vibes but is also genuinely creepy. I would in fact recommend Horrorstör and The Final Girl Support Group also by Grady Hendrix as they have a fresh vibe that I enjoy. Perfect from a nostalgic POV.

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Most haunted – local edition

Most haunted – local edition

Another lazy girls’ post today as I highlight some spooky stories of local (ish) hauntings.

I’ve had my own experience of supernatural energy (I’ll call it) while visiting Preston Manor with the lovely Jillian when she came to visit several years back. We went to a Witchcraft exhibition (very on brand for us_ then toured the manor house – and, as it was in the middle of a workday, not many people were about.

I wandered away from Jill down in the kitchen area (if I recall it properly) and found myself alone and feeling very spooked. I didn’t see anything but I really felt overcome with a fight or flight feeling, like there was something down there with me. So I ran back to Jill like the scaredy little cat that I am and that was that.

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Why I love Halloween

Why I love Halloween

It’s no bombshell that I’m a basic Autumn loving bitch. There’s just something about the fall in temperature, the smells in the air and everything pumpkin spiced that makes this my favourite time of year. Even though Starbucks’ PSL isn’t all that, I will pay through the nose for a Venti cup every time I pass and I will like it.

Halloween is even more special I suppose because it’s the Christmas day of spooky season and stands for everything I hold dear. While I’m pretty rubbish about dressing up I love the idea of being someone else for the night and for all the creepy things in this world to have their night of celebration. I think about the fact sometimes when I’m mainlining supernatural entertainment that I never question whether it’s real or not – for me ghosts and ghouls and cryptids are just part of this world and should be respected as such. How magical to think one night a year they’re free to wander freely on this plain?

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My Best Friend’s Exorcism review

My Best Friend’s Exorcism review

It’s finally the best month of the year and obviously we’re marking spooky season with as much horror as we can stomach (which is a lot).

This week’s pick, and our official first Collab film of October, is an adaptation of Grady Hendrix’s novel of the same name. It’s a book I enjoyed so I was pretty stoked to stumble across the film version – which admittedly – and IMO – appeared without much fanfare this week on Amazon Prime.

Shall we?

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