Most haunted – local edition

Another lazy girls’ post today as I highlight some spooky stories of local (ish) hauntings.

I’ve had my own experience of supernatural energy (I’ll call it) while visiting Preston Manor with the lovely Jillian when she came to visit several years back. We went to a Witchcraft exhibition (very on brand for us_ then toured the manor house – and, as it was in the middle of a workday, not many people were about.

I wandered away from Jill down in the kitchen area (if I recall it properly) and found myself alone and feeling very spooked. I didn’t see anything but I really felt overcome with a fight or flight feeling, like there was something down there with me. So I ran back to Jill like the scaredy little cat that I am and that was that.

Since then I’ve heard tale of hauntings and seances being held at the site and I feel certain they would pay off based on what I felt. I’ve had lots of little ghostly experiences that could probably be explained away but I’m going to commit to the idea of them being supernatural and leave them at that.

In the meantime, here’s more from Brighton, Bexhill (my hometown) and the Sussex area. If you dare.

Are there any local legends/ghost stories from your hometown/local to you?


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