Newsletter 011 – Remember, remember

It’s newsletter time, yo and as I sit down to think about what’s been happening, I fear I don’t have much to say. My life is all about my dog and watching horror films, with the occasional meal out, and sometimes a deep and meaningful conversation.

With that in mind I’ll break this into work, life, play segments to keep it coherent.

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Positive Menty Attitude

I thought I’d be a bit more serious today, because why the fuck not? Sometimes you’ve got to admit things are less than good and take a moment to ponder the next step.Things haven’t been great for anyone over the last couple of years and it’s taken me longer than I thought it would to get back into life. I just haven’t been myself for a long time and I’m kind of done with it.

Work have an avenue you can explore which gives you eight sessions with a therapist and I start next week. I’m kind of terrified about what I’ll learn about myself but I’m ready to do the work. I had a couple of sessions with someone years and years ago but I think I’ve blocked most of that experience out of my mind. I think I’m probably mature enough now to articulate better so I hope it will be helpful and healthy.

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The lockdown was pretty alright for a recluse like me but one of the highlights was being able to experiment with all sorts of hair colours in the comfort of my own home. If it went wrong or didn’t suit it didn’t matter because what would my husband or cat care? I went from red to blonde to bright pink to Cookie Monster blue and every shade in between – and I smugly commended my follicles for hanging in there, not falling out or bowing down to the pressure I wrought down upon them. Until, they did.

After two years of rocking an extreme rainbow, my tresses have finally said: “No more” and turned into spaghetti. It was the last bleach bath that did it and I knew, just knew I was pushing my luck. And now I’ve been to the hairdressers and had it cut short to weather the storm sensibly. No more box dye, bleach or heat – trims every six weeks – and I’m going back to my natural colour. BOO!

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