Horror books to snuggle up with

Four books you simply should pick up and enjoy this spooky season.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

We very recently reviewed the film adaptation of this novel which was fine, but I did really enjoy the book. It has strong YA vibes but is also genuinely creepy. I would in fact recommend Horrorstör and The Final Girl Support Group also by Grady Hendrix as they have a fresh vibe that I enjoy. Perfect from a nostalgic POV.

Come Closer by Sarah Gran

I recently read this simple but effective story about demonic possession – it’s a real page-turner, and genuinely frightening. It also goes a way to make it feel like something that could ail any one of us – and change our whole personality for the worse.

I said everything I need to in my review but it’s a really good one for these colder nights in bed. Maybe keep a light on though.

IT by Stephen King

The O.G. of horror novels in my mind, this is the story that just keep on giving and I adore it. I love (almost) everything about it – obviously the horror is top notch but it also goes into domestic violence, bullying and everyday terror which in some ways I like even more. I love the adaptations we’ve had, from Tim Curry’s 1990 version to the big, bad chapters one and two but they can’t quite capture the layers and nuances quite like The King does.

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

A Gothic banger and great story all round. It captures the insecurity of love perfectly (we’ve all been there, right?) as well as how obsessive and cruel it can become. A moody, beautiful backdrop, an evil housekeeper and you’ve really got it all here. Go to bed early with a steaming cuppa and enjoy the ride.

What are you reading?


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