Death Drop Gorgeous review

As the world burns, it’s often hard to muster the energy to be creative, I find. I’ve even taken time out from regular horror movie watching because even that isn’t bringing the comfort it usually does. That said, we’re consummate pros on these here blogs and that means we can still bring it when we need to.

This week we chose drag (and violence) – and it feels good.


A dejected bartender and an aging drag queen try to survive the eccentric and hostile nightlife of a corrupt city, as a masked maniac slaughters young gay men and drains them of blood.

Tagline: I’d kill for your skin

Directors: Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, Brandon Perras
Starring: Michael McAdam, Wayne Gonsalves, Christopher Dalpe

Genre: Comedy, Horror āˆ™ IMDB user rating: 3.8
My score: 3/5 āˆ™ Runtime: 104 mins

Our-down-on-his-luck protagonist Dwayne, off the back of a rough breakup, has returned to his old bar job and is rooming with pal Brian, who’s delighted to take him in frankly and have him back on the scene. Things are changing at the drag club though as old is being shouldered out by the new.

Veteran Queen Gloria Hole has been relegated to Tuesday’s Karaoke night in favour of the younger models, who’ve secured the best slots and continue to SLAY. Bitchy diva Janet Fitness seems to be the headline act, much to Gloria’s dismay.

Meanwhile, in the background, gay men are being murdered horribly, drained of their blood and dumped in the parking lot, which means our characters might have bigger fish to fry than who’s dominating the spotlight.

Hideous club boss Tony Two Fingers (a rather literal moniker) isn’t immediately panicked, though he does throw a lot of money at the problem, relying on corrupt cops O’Hara and Barry to dispose of the first body STAT. Unfortunately, things aren’t going to go away that easily, and one by one we witness the slaughter of many more more gay men and queens, including club fixture Audrey Heartburn.

What’s going on here exactly?


I mean, you kind of get exactly what you expect of this one. It will never give Lynch any cause to worry about his career but it was campy, disgusting fun and I was here for it. It has no business being over 90 minutes long – and we could have done without some of the murders (which could have been skipped in favour of spending more time on killing off more central characters). That said, there is a truly iconic penis mangling scene that is both visually pleasing and hilarious, and the film would have suffered without it.

Once we get to the ‘big reveal’, which is very obvious, it is genuinely poignant and upsetting. Very Sunset Boulevard vibes – and the pair would in fact compliment each other beautifully as a double bill. With that in mind it might have been stronger had it leaned into the topic of ageing out of the very strict beauty standards of the LGBTQ+ community – where youth reigns – I would have loved that.

There was a moment that actually caught in my throat, as Gloria MCs a lackluster bingo night she admonishes her drag mother – Kitty Litter – for passing away and leaving her alone. This made me root even harder for the character.

And finally, it hardly feels necessary to say this but as a film shot locally, on a budget and on the weekends, production values are not polished in the slightest. This doesn’t stop the admittedly shaky cast from giving their all which feels more satisfying than some of the awards season movie performances. It bears repeating that B-movies only work for me when everyone takes their roles seriously and you can’t accuse any of our new friends of not getting stuck in.



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